VelociTrak - Freight Operations Management Software

Freight Operations Fulcrum!

VelociTrak is a context-aware Vehicle, Load, Location, Activity, Time, Scheduling and Real-time Fleet Telematics Management Software.

We designed VelociTrak as a Flexible and Adaptable Freight Operations Management Solution, that can be used as a Standalone System or integrated with Legacy back-end Systems.

VelociTrak's differentiator is its integrated Vehicle Telematics capability and full-featured Mobile Driver App.

Pivot your Freight Operations to the next level with VelociTrak!

Real-time Dispatch Board
Real-time Trip and
Multi Hub
Freight Operations Board
Adaptable Scheduling
and Routing
Adaptable Broker/Carrier
Rating and Payment
Unique Unit of Movement
Granular Multi-level
Equipment Maintenance
Driver Maintenance
Real-time Fleet Telematics &
Activity History
Flexible Legacy
back-end Integration
Instant Messaging and
Mobile App for
Drivers and Operators
Reports, Analytics &